Jul 31, 2023 – Jun 30, 2024

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This is to acknowledge that I have read and understood the CSMO Memo on Gate Pass Sticker for School Year 2022 to 2023 and that I am applying for the gate pass stickers of the vehicles indicated in this application form in order to allow these vehicles to regularly enter the campus on my behalf and to park in properly designated areas.

To those who have difficulty submitting an application, please check the ID number, first name, and surname you are using on the application form. Please make sure you you use the ID number indicated in the tuition receipt and include the dashes in the number when you submit your application. If you still get a "Danger" message, please contact your respective school units to verify the applicant's information.

For date entries, please make sure you select the year first before choosing month and date.

For address fields, please type in your barangay, city/municipality, province, and zip code for the entries to start appearing. Please click from the list provided. If nothing appears on the drop down list, please try to clear your browser's cache.

Note: If the date picker on date fields does not stay open, go to the previous field and press the "Tab" button.

Note 2: If the system does not accept your application and all fields have been filled out, please check with your respective unit or OHRMOD (for employees) to check if your data has been uploaded to the system.

Thank you for your patience.

Applicant Details

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If my application is approved, I pledge to:

  1. Ensure that my vehicle meets the exhaust emission standard as certified by a government accredited exhaust emission test center and to comply with periodic exhaust and road side emission tests as may be required on campus during the school year.
  2. Ensure that a driver with a valid driver's license operates my vehicle.
  3. Instruct the driver to strictly observe Ateneo traffic/parking rules and regulations.
  4. Instruct the driver not to drink intoxicating liquor or gamble or engage in inappropriate behavior while inside the campus. Penalty P3,000.
  5. Attach the gate pass sticker on the driver's side of the front windshield of my vehicle with the full knowledge that the gate pass sticker is non-transferable and specifically for the vehicle assigned.
  6. Promptly pay the P1,000 penalty if the gate pass sticker is not attached to the windshield.
  7. Pay the P3,000 penalty if the gate pass sticker is used on another vehicle other than the one assigned.
  8. Promptly pay the fine for traffic and parking violations I or my authorized driver may commit.
  9. Notify the Campus Safety and Mobility Office of a) change of license plate number, b) change of vehicle ownership, and c) vehicle repair or alteration.
  10. Face possible administrative or disciplinary sanctions in the unit concerned in the event of multiple offenses committed within the fiscal year.

I also acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Ateneo Traffic/Parking Rules and Regulations with the schedule of violation penalties.

Submitting this form means that I acknowledge and will follow the pledge stated above.

If you encounter any issues with the process, please send an email (with screenshot/s if applicable) to

Please read our PRIVACY NOTICE.

Thank you.